Dec 05 is back again was started on December 5th, 2003, exactly 10 years ago, long before the “youtube era”.  There weren’t video sharing sites, torrent sites at that time, only some underground sources, like IRC channels on Efnet  (hello #eurodanceparty! ).

Only a few people had access to quality music videos on the internet in 2003.  I was one of these people and my purpose was to make music videos available for everyone, especially in my favourite music styles like eurodance, trance, techno, metal etc.  I can say it was a great success, I got a lot of emails from visitors, saying thank you for their fulfilled video requests, asking for their favourite videos and I got emails from producers, artists who wanted to get their music promoted by the site.

Years went by and things have changed. Video sharing sites became popular and almost every music video became available on them.  But you still need a guide what to watch/download, aren’t you?

So is a blog now, with the purpose to recommend brand new (or old but not well known) music videos. Some of them will be available for download too. Enjoy!